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Renting or Leasing Reindeer for Short or Long term Displays and Promotional use in Oregon



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Join us as we take you on a journey to learn about reindeer and what makes them one of the most unique

animals in our world!

our reindeer are available for: 

  • Rental Displays

  • Long Term Leases

  • Field Trips

  • Educational Outreach Programs

  • Tree Farms

  • Commercials, Movies & TV, Print Media

  • and so Much More!


Contact us to book early; as you can imagine the reindeer are very popular during the holiday season!    It is never too early to reserve your date.

(541) 933-1832  or oregonreindeer@gmail.com



A bit about reindeer:

Did you know reindeer can reduce the temperature in their legs, bringing that heat up to their bodies to conserve their body heat?

Did you know that what a reindeer eats in the summer will affect their health more than 6 months later?

Did you know their antlers grow from the tips? And that females as well as males grow antlers?

Reindeer antlers drop off once a year. Bulls will lose their antlers in the fall, while the females and steers lose their antlers in late winter and early spring.   Antlers grow rapidly and stop growing in August.  Velvet is rubbed off in September.

Reindeer go through many changes during the year. From the change in their antlers to their coat density and color, they are constantly changing for the next season!

Frosty - one antler on, one off

Jingle Bell - antlers re-growing- currently in velvet

Things to know before visiting the farm:

The farm is a Bio-Safe Facility which means on or off the farm we observe cross-contamination safety measures.

No petting or touching of the reindeer is allowed to protect the reindeer from cross-contamination from another species, such as cattle, horses, sheep, goats, cats, dogs, pigs, birds, etc.


We do have a clean reindeer hide, & antlers so kids (and adults) can touch parts of a real reindeer!

Although our reindeer are very tame and enjoy being around people very much, they are animals, and as with any animal safety measures are taken to ensure all have an enjoyable experience. 


Keira & Rudolph are best buddies

You'd never think so, but Reindeer antlers do start out small!! Sugar Plum at 6 mths with Heather & Kyle

Reindeer shown above part of a Mongolian herd, 2003.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Do reindeer really exist?

A. Of course they do!! Really! In fact, reindeer and caribou are the only living species of hoofed animal which exists around the whole northern hemisphere above 60 degree of latitude.


Q. How long have reindeer been around?

A. Rock-carvings indicate that stone-age hunters caught and tamed reindeer to use as decoy animals (for hunting) since 1,000 A.D.


Q. Where else can I find reindeer?

A. Reindeer live in the lower 48 states, throughout Canada and are still a viable, working animal in countries surrounding the top of the world where tundra exists, for example: Scandinavian countries, Mongolia, Russia, and Alaska, where some groups of people depend on reindeer to survive.


Q. Are Reindeer really Caribou?

A. No, they are not!  Reindeer have the scientific name of Rangifer Tarandus Tarandus and Caribou have the scientific name of Rangifer Tarandus Grantii.  Caribou are wild in nature and could not tolerate captivity.  Reindeer are quite comfortable around people and in being contained in small areas, such as a display pen. Caribou also have longer legs, longer faces and breed and give birth at a slightly different time than Reindeer.  They have many similarities, but they are separate species like dogs and wolves are similar but are different.

Reindeer have many, many differences from caribou even though they look similar.  But put them side by side and you would see the difference.  Spend time with both and you will really see they are completely different animals.


Ever wonder what a reindeer looks like from the inside out?  Below is a thermal image courtesy of the FLIR Company, leaders in thermal imaging equipment and technology located in Portland, OR.

In this image, Prancer (in front) still has pretty much all his velvet still on his antlers (this was taken in early October), as did Blitzen behind him.  You can see the heat generated as the blood draws down to the base of their antlers.  See how hot their legs show up also?  This is because reindeer can take the heat in their legs and move it up to their body as needed.  Their bodies are not generating as much heat as their legs as their winter hair is coming in and giving them a thermal "wrap".




Check out our New Merchandise!

Jingle Bell - 5 yrs old female - Summer 2005

Award winner - Largest antlers on a Female Reindeer


Meet Joy, born 4-18-2016. She is 1 month old in the photo.  Dasher is the best reindeer Mom.  And although Joy is very dark in color now, within just a few weeks, she'll be a completely different color. Watch Joy grow up by following her journey on our Facebook page.

calendar of display locations and

basic RATES for daily displays

if your town hasn't included reindeer in  their winter event planning, tell them about us!

scheduling for another fun display year in 2022- contact us now

If the date you want to book is marked "booked" on our calendar below, or the date you want appears booked up (2 or more listings), contact us anyway.  We may, if possible, adjust our schedule or open new slots to accommodate your needs.  We'll do what we can to fill your request if it is at all possible. There are only so many days available in the season, and only so  many reindeer and handlers to go out, so booking early is critical for daily rental availability and long term leases. Booking begins early each year (we're talking before our current season ends-current clients rebook)  so if you have a date in mind for your event, we can't stress enough to book early in the year. Plan early if you would like to set up a lease arrangement, where the reindeer stay on your site for 10 days in a row or longer.  USDA licensing, shelter, fencing and caretaking issues all take time to work out.

Our reindeer only travel within Oregon. 

Our Current Line-up

Top Row (L to R):  Dasher,

Middle Row (L to R): Elf, Glitter, Cookie, Dancer

Bottom Row (L to R) Noelle, Joy, Ginger


2022 Holiday season calendar - November & December









NOV                                                   1                   2                 3                     4           







         7               8                  9                  10



















































Coastal Corvallis



Coastal Cornelius


Oakway Center




Coastal Gresham




Coastal KFalls


Daimler Corp




Coastal White City


Junction City



St Helen's





Coastal Roseburg


Grants Pass Bella Luna








Coastal Oregon City



Daimler Corp




Boring Bark


Coastal Salem




Boring Bark




Boring Bark


Coastal Eugene


12 13

Woodburn Coastal








Gresham Station

2-6 pm





Gresham Station


Victorian Belle



Country Financial




Coastal Albany


Coastal -The Dalles







Gresham Toyota







Don't delay - Contact us now to reserve your date for the 2021 holiday season!

Short Term Displays -

Reindeer displays are ideal for anyone looking to draw a crowd to their holiday event!  When our reindeer arrive, out of nowhere, people seem to appear before we are even out of the truck.  By the time we have the display panels set up, there is always a crowd gathered.  The funny thing is, most of the crowd doesn't know exactly why they are excited and what they are waiting for!  Then the doors to the trailer open and out jump the reindeer!  The ooohs and ahhhs can be heard throughout the crowd over the bells that our reindeer are wearing.  That excitement and anticipation is one of the many reasons why our reindeer are so popular at holiday events.  Reindeer are like unicorns - many people want to believe in them, but since they haven't seen them, they don't think they actually are a real species and therefore reindeer have a mystical quality.  Are they really reindeer?  They can't believe it!  We've had people spend hours around the pen just looking at them over and over and asking us questions about these unique animals.




Our displays are custom designed to work with your event, although we do have animal/people safety rules that always apply.  We'll work with you to provide an outstanding addition to your event!  We display only throughout the state of Oregon.  We can recommend other reindeer owners for displays in other states.


We hope you understand when we say that reindeer are not petting zoo animals (see antlers in photos for one of the reasons why).  For safety to your clientele and our animals, the reindeer must remain in their display pen for the duration of the display time and only the handler enters the pen.  Photos can be taken through the display panel grids.





Each display is quoted individually depending on display requirements, time and day we have the reindeer on display & specific client requests, portage distances for equipment and other factors. Each display has unique requirements.


Basic charges: **charges listed below are beginning level charges for very basic setups.  Your price may be different than the basic level depending on what other factors come into play for your entire display package Mileage charges are always in addition to the display costs.


$2,275.00** is the minimum charge for 4 hours of basic display, not including mileage.  Any booking for a 2 or 3 hr display or event will be changed the same as 4 hours.  Mileage charge is in addition to display change.

$2,675.00** is the minimum charge for 5 hours of basic display, not including mileage.

$2,875.00** is the minimum charge for 6 hours of basic display, not including mileage.

$3,125.00** is the minimum charge for 7 hours of basic display, not including mileage.

$3,600.00**is the minimum charge for 8 hours of basic display, not including mileage.


For additional hours of display over 8 hours contracted, add $400 per hour, rounded high to the nearest hour.


**Additional charges may apply to your display request depending on your requests.  Please read information below carefully.


No calves currently available.  Petting station with 1 calf for petting available every 1/2 hour - $800/4 hours or less for 1 calf; $600/4 hours or less for 2nd calf.  $1600/ 4+ to 8 hrs for one calf; $1400/4+ to 8 hrs for 2nd calf.   Calf petting is available in a limited capacity on years when calves are available.  Due to young age and stress factors, when 1 calf is available for petting then the calf must be allowed to destress and rest every 1/2 hour, for 1/2 hr. before petting & photos can be resumed once again.  Lines will be long when you offer calf petting and petting time must be limited per person to allow all in line the chance to pet the calf.  But this option is EXTREMELY popular and in great demand.  There are special set up requirements to make the calf petting station a success.  USDA Approved Hot Water Handwashing Stations must be present and close to pen during the petting session time.  Close by restrooms are NOT acceptable as a handwashing station.   Absolutely NO pet photos with the calf due to cross contamination & safety issues.

A “Suitable Handwashing Station” will: 4) Selling Potentially Hazardous Foods (PHFs). Vendors selling PHFs (see definition, section D on page 8) should have: a) Equipment capable of holding foods at safe temperatures (ex. electric refrigerators/freezers or coolers with ice/dry ice). b) Cold storage unit (cooler) shall be equipped with ambient air thermometer for monitoring ambient temperature of the holding unit. Food temperature measuring devices shall be provided and readily accessible for use in ensuring attainment and maintenance of food temperatures as specified under —Food Code OAR 603- 025-0030 (4-302.12). c) Ambient spirit thermometers (the kind filled with red liquid) are useful for quick, “ballpark” monitoring of ambient temperatures inside coolers. d) Thermometers used to monitor food temperatures, metal probe food thermometers, (examples of digital and dial-type shown below) are necessary to monitor internal temperatures of foods. Digital-Type Dial-Type e) Vendors need to have approved sanitizer available. At the very least, you need to have sanitizer available to sanitize food thermometers between uses; for this purpose, you can use a traditional sanitizer (dilute bleach or other approved sanitizer) or alcohol pads (like in first aid kits). If you are selling raw meat, poultry a) Provide a minimum water-holding capacity of five gallons in an enclosed container; b) Utilize a spigot that can be opened to provide a constant flow of water; c) Provide soap; Gel sanitizer may be used in addition to handwashing but not in place of it d) Provide paper towels; e) Maintain a wastewater collection container with a minimum capacity equal to or greater than the freshwater containerʼs capacity and f) Provide a receptacle for used paper towels. g) Maintain handwashing equipment in a clean and sanitary manner (rinsing with 50 ppm chlorine/water is suggested) h) Use only potable water for hand washing (free of fecal chloroform bacteria).


Indoor displays or displays that are located further than 100 feet each way from truck/trailer unloading area - add $200 portage charge.


Basic rates do not apply for bookings on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, & New Years Day.  Bookings on these days will be custom quoted.


5% discount on day rate for back to back display date bookings (example- Sat/Sun full days).  Discount applies to full day rate only; mileage and any additional charges are added after day rate is calculated. 

5% discount for booking additional day(s) during same season but not back to back.

Additional insured endorsements are charged at $100 per form.


Mileage charges for travel time is at $3.00 per mile, round trip. 


Basic display includes 2 reindeer***** (calf & adult or 2 adults) in pen, 15' x 15' (or appropriate size for display) containment pen, reindeer handler to answer questions, set up, clean up, liability insurance for the reindeer and a great holiday experience!

You provide safe, flat display site CLEARED OF ALL GROUND DEBRIS for us to set up our pen,
*tent or overhead shelter if required by weather for your clients to enjoy viewing,  **appropriate parking close by for our truck/trailer (within sight of display area), *** lighting for night displays around pen (see below for more info on appropriate lighting), security personnel for keeping your crowd back from the reindeer as they are transported back & forth from pen to trailer, & ****advertising and onsite signage for event.


* - If you wish to have a cover for your crowds please arrange to set up your tent before we arrive with the pen and reindeer.  We will set up our pen out of the way of your client foot traffic pathways and clear of your tent structure.

** - we use our truck to store the majority of excess equipment rather than clutter up our display site. By USDA display requirements, we must be within eyesight of the reindeer at all times while they are on display.  Parking for our truck/trailer must be within eyesight range so we can grab what we need quickly and not leave the display site unattended.

*** - for safety, lighting needs to be hung from above instead of coming in from the side of the display pen.  When lights shine in to the pen from the side, the animals and handler are blinded, which creates an unsafe situation. 

**** - Attendance will increase greatly if you advertise that the reindeer will be at your event.  Reindeer draw in crowds like you would not expect if you just let people know they will be at your event.  If your intent is to increase sales we suggest placing the reindeer display pen in an area where your customers must walk through your store or venue to reach the reindeer area.









*****It is a natural occurrence for reindeer to lose their antlers once a year.  We have no control over when antlers are lost - it depends on light exposure, temperatures, and each animals normal timing to shed.  Should an antler be shed during a display, we will use the shed antler as a teaching tool to show viewers how the natural shed happens and what it looks like and how much it weighs.  There will be some blood on the reindeer under where the antler was seated on the head - this is normal. We can not clean the blood off due to the new antler growing in - which is extremely sensitive to the reindeer.   Most people are fascinated by the shedding process and can't believe antlers grow in just a few months.  Should this happen, we ask for your understanding.  The reindeer is completely comfortable with just one antler and the shedding process is not painful for them.



Our standard display pen setup will be 15' x 15'; 10' x 20' or 15' x 20'  (depending on length of display time) and is made from 2" x 4" welded wire.  We will not display in an area that requires less room than we consider comfortable for the wellbeing of our reindeer. During inclement weather, we may decide a pop up in the pen is necessary to provide shelter for the reindeer.  This is our handlers decision and non-negotiable.  Our handlers will not set up our display pen in an area that puts the reindeer standing in water. Display area must be relatively flat so pen can stand securely. Grassy areas are not a good surface for set up unless you don't care about how the grass looks after the display, as reindeer have very large hooves and will divot up the grass. Grass must not have any chemicals (fertilizers etc) added 60 days before the reindeer are to be on that surface. Responsibility for covering and protecting inside flooring is clients.  Our pen has metal poles and reindeer have sharp hooves.  For inside venues we suggest laying down a tarp, then sheets of 3/8" plywood before we arrive and put down our tarp.  Our tarp is not sufficient to protect inside floors.  Walkways to and from an indoor venue must be protected also if they are of damageable material.  Ask us what works well for these areas.



All dogs must be on leash and the leash held by a person over 12 years of age and completely able to control your dog.  We realize most dogs have never seen a reindeer, and allow time for them to adjust to the reindeer when they first approach the pen. However, if the dog continues to bark or be aggressive towards the reindeer, we will ask the dog owner to remove their dog from the reindeer pen area.  Dogs are to be under the control of their owner at all times.  We reserve the right to ask the dog to be removed from the pen area at any time if we think the dog is disturbing the display area or the reindeer are becoming agitated by the dogs presence.




Leases -

Minimum lease -10 days.  Each lease is priced separately, so please contact us with your plans and we'll quote.  Client provides approved pen and shelter setup and 24/7 security.  We also lease for longer time frames than 10 days - contact us for a specific price quote based on your requirements.  The longer the lease time, the less it costs for your per day charges. USDA license must be obtained or currently held and in good standing by facility where reindeer will be on display during full lease time frame (we can assist with info on obtaining a USDA license) or you must provide one person we can train to oversee reindeer care while they are on site for the length of the lease so they will be covered under our license.  Facility for reindeer housing & display can not have been used for sheep or goats anytime prior to reindeer being on the same area.  6 foot grid fencing/pen with sturdy shelter must be provided, as well as assigning at least one person in charge of care & feeding that we can train on care & reindeer facts to share with your viewing audience.  Fencing material must not allow small animals to enter the pen.   We require a person to stay in some kind of housing/RV at the pen site overnight at all times that the reindeer are on lease or be under camera supervision.  We can provide this person if requested, at an additional charge of $300 per day.  We deliver, pick up, provide feed and food/water containers, decorated halters, bells, lead ropes.   Veterinary care must be locally available and Vet notified of reindeer in the area during lease time.




Sleigh available for rent during reindeer displays - $500 per day    Great for photos!



Prancer - our Taxidermy Reindeer



Prancer  - rental for use with sleigh, or education, or just to have a reindeer that stands still for a long period of time:) - custom quote



Other -

  • Commercials, Movies & photos for print advertising - call for quote.

  • Artist visits for sketching or photographs - $500 for up to 4 hours.  Print or art items used for sale by photographers or artists, we kindly request you use farm name for credit on photos or sketches.  Items for sale using images of our reindeer will include a negotiated royalty per item.

  • Santa photo visits - $250 per visit.

  • Antlers for sale: Variety of sizes and pricing.    Prices start at $10 per tine for under 24 tines unmounted.  Over 24 tines, custom quoted.

  • Autographed hoof prints and hoof prints in plaster.
  • Ornaments

Antlers for SALE!!

A nicely weathered antler set from 2012/2013 season off a reindeer cow named Twinkles.  Right side is 43" tall x 21.5" wide and has 15 tines.  Left side is 36" tall x 20.5" wide and has 9 tines.  Total of 24 tines.  Price $240.00 + shipping.

This antler set comes from a reindeer steer named Comet.  Right side is 43" tall x 26" wide and has 11 tines.  Left side is 45.5" tall x 26.5" wide and has 18 tines.  Total of 29 tines. Price is $290.00 + shipping.

*Antler dimensions are approximate due to formations and layouts. 

We have other antler sets available. If those above are not what you are looking for, please email us with your request.


New! Ornaments Featuring our Reindeer!

$12.50 each

3 styles/colors - Blue, Red or Green - 2 photo choices - Green or Snow



Autographed hoof print and photo

Each photo is an original hoof print (imprinted from your requested reindeer - we ask them nicely:) and includes a photo and message from your choice of reindeer. Handmade and customized per each request, limited quantities.  We suggest ordering early in the year to avoid disappointment as Christmas approaches and we run out of time to assemble.

Includes a photo of your reindeer of choice (Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Joy, Glitter, Cookie, Ginger, Elf, Prancer, Cocoa, Noelle).

$45.00 (framed) plus shipping***

***12/21/20 last date for ordering for Christmas delivery using rush shipping.

Each framed hoof print/photo is custom, and may vary in design from those shown below.

Reads "Believe in the Magic of Reindeer" and is "signed" by reindeer of choice